Investment Property Loans

Investment Property Loans

Clients that require assistance in securing an investment loan are embarking on unique and exciting financial ventures such as purchasing an investment property, build in your backyard, and off the plan investments.

Investment property loans can easily be found through online mortgage provider through localized banks or by working on investor only lender option. Rates and terms differ based on borrower condition, the property and the type of loan but mortgage rates are generally decided on loan rate and terms are usually based for three to thirty years.

If you are thinking about investment properties then the first option available is residential properties where the best investment for property loans comes under conforming mortgages. Selecting such loans will provide you with the option of having fixed rate along with longest terms. However such investment property loans also have some limitations associated with them.

  • If you are thinking of obtaining an investment property loan from an online mortgage buyer then it can be considered more convenient as acquiring a traditional mortgage provider.
  • The entire process will be completed online and there will be no need to physically visit the bank for obtaining loan.
  • Next available option is investor only lender option through which lending to businesses is made available for businesses and investors who are looking to invest in residential properties.
  • This option is available only for businesses and not for individuals plus they cannot take more than four loans.
  • Third category of investment property loans is through traditional mortgage system which can be obtained from both national and regional banks along with credit unions. However this option works best for the individuals who are looking for affordability and easy accessibility.

We treat every customers’ needs uniquely and we do not adopt a one size model for everyone who are looking for property loans. The application process for obtaining property loan application process is similar to that of the lender. For this you can easily work with the loan officer who will provide you certain days under which you can avail this facility. Here are the three steps which you have to follow during the loan application process:

  1. Pre-Approval: This is the pre-approval stage of property loans in which you can gather your financial requirements and then submit it to the lender.
  2. Approval: Once the approval of your property loan is done then you can start with selection of property where you wish to invest and find that property.
  3. Closing: Once the property is selected then closing will be initiated for which you have to wait for property appraisal and submit all supporting documents which your loan provider has offered you.

Now if you are planning to invest in multiple areas or you would like flexibility of going through online option or you can select conforming mortgage loan options. We listen to your goals and assess your current situation to see if they are feasible and we will find the most suitable investment loan package for you to achieve those goals.